« Nous sommes dans le processus de mise à jour pour le renouvellement du 30 novembre 2020, veuillez attendre le courriel de renouvellement qui inclura toutes les directives »

« We are in the process of updating for the renewal on November 30, 2020, please wait for the renewal email which will include all the instructions »

Insurance program for the municipalities' NPOs

Welcome to the BFL CANADA online portal for the insurance program of the non-profit organizations of the municipalities

Via this portal, you will access, as a representative of a not-for-profit organization, to insurance coverage for protection against damage to your property as well as against the consequences resulting from your organization's activities and decisions.  In addition, the directors, officers, employees and volunteers can be protected against bodily injury that they may suffer in the course of their work with the organization.

To continue in this portal, you must make a choice, according to your situation: